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5 songs.

Remedy - Little Boots

She was sweating but that didn't stop her. Hips swinging to the beat in the darkly lit club, arms wrapped around the neck of a gorgeous, fae-like woman and she couldn't be more excited. The feeling of freedom -- freedom from her emotions, from her lies, from years of wanting and not taking -- was too intoxicating to give up. At least, that's how it felt at first. Then she felt those eyes on the back of her neck, almost stalking her. Just like the old days, when she was afraid to keep her window unlocked at night.

"Don't pay attention to him, he's just jealous because I do it better than him," Alice laughed into the brunette's ear. The resulting glare from the dark, secluded corner was almost frightening. Almost.

"Whatever. Let him watch me dance with his enemy," Bella responded with a grin, not even bothering to raise her voice because that would be pointless. They both would hear her anyway. Funny how the song that came on fit so perfectly.

He just left into the night, hoping he could meld into the background of the world long enough for the pain to subside.


Everything's So Cold, But You're So Hot by Early November

I remember when she would cast the beautiful smile in my direction. When she would light up just by hearing my name. How she would just sit in my company for hours and fall asleep and I could listen to her breathe, a pleasure I had taken advantage of so long ago. Now, however, her smile is reserved for someone else just because I tried to protect her.

I tried to shut my sister's thoughts from my mind but its becoming increasingly harder to do. They are overpowering with the feeling of love and admiration. I get up from my seat and race out of my room, out of the house, out of the state before I stop and let out a pained yell. The memories so fresh, they never leave me alone anymore.

But what hurts worse than not having her is knowing she'll forget. She'll forget how I used to be there, right there, every night. She'll forget how I tried desperately to make sure I felt warm when I held her at night. How I would always fight within myself so I wouldn't harm her. No, now that she has exactly what she always wanted -- A vampire's life, the touch of a pixie, the taste of immortality -- I am nothing but a fleeting memory of the past.


Queen and I by Gym Class Heroes

Alice can't remember why she had agreed to let Bella experience college before she was turned. Something about how she wanted to get drunk, just once, in a bar with her friends and couldn't Alice just wait one more year since they already made her wait 3? But Alice couldn't say no and here they were, 3 AM and coming back from a party some boy was throwing and Bella was anything but quiet.

"Fuckin' shhit, Alish. Why da fuck you takin' me home already? You ain't my fuckin' motha."

The first time Alice heard Bella drunk, it was kind of cute. Almost sexy. The second time, it bordered on hilarious. The 20th time, however, and Alice almost just started the process right there. She couldn't take it anymore and any time she looked into the future, all she caught glimpses of were Bella partying and her picking up the broken pieces as they fell.

"Bella, honey. Could you please lower your voice? I'm sure even Emmett heard you from here and he's out hunting."

Bella huffed and stared out the window. Alice sighed softly, flying through Seattle towards Forks when she heard Bella mutter, "I can't fucking take this shit anymore." If she could cry, she would. Alice's heart, dead or not, could only take this so much longer. So when she finally pulled into the driveway of the Cullen residence, she turned and took Bella's hand into her own.

"Bella, you have a choice. Its now or never because I can't take this shit anymore."

The vision that hit her caused her to recoil from the touch, get out of the car and fly through the woods. Because Bella would say not now, just one more month and Alice, the fiend that she is, would just smile sadly and say yes.


A Million Ways by Ok Go

Bella could count the ways Alice had been viciously cruel to her without ever being cruel. The short skirts, the going dancing, the slight touches they would share. And now, here she was, 23 and lonely. Drinking in the corner, hoping she would catch sight of the girl who haunted her. Her eyes scanned the crowd, disappointed when she came up short. Her drink was almost gone so she got up and went for a refill.

"Another Screwdriver!" she shouted over the music, shaking her glass to indicate that she was empty. The bartender nodded and she leaned against the bar, scanning the crowd once more. That was when she spotted her, in the corner, snorting something of the table and then visibly hissing. Must of hurt. Must of been some relaxant. Those always hurt worse, she assumed, since whenever the older woman would wince in pain, she eventually just leaned in the booth and didn't move.

Picking up her drink, she meandered over and sat down next to the angelic woman. "You shouldn't do that, you know."

"You shouldn't stick your nose in other people's business."

Alice left and Bella let her. They had a falling out ages ago and ever since, Alice had been nothing but cold to her. She couldn't help it, she was young and stupid. She was scared and she rebelled against what she now realizes was the one thing good in her life. Sighing, she just watched Alice dance with some stranger, so gracefully despite being high on something or other and she started listing the ways she was cruel instead of realizing the fact that Alice was nothing short of patient for so long when Bella thought it was all a joke.


Fire, Glee Version by Matthew Morrison and Kristin Chenoweth

Alice is driving impossibly fast and I fiddled with the radio station. Her hand slips from the wheel and onto my lap. I flush and push her hand off my lap, muttering something about being safe and keeping her hands on the wheel. She laughs that gorgeous laugh of hers but doesn't try again. We're headed back from shopping in Seattle, a trip Alice deemed worthy because we don't spend enough time together.

We pull up to my house and she turns the ignition off. She moves a bit closer and I push myself against the car door. She's intoxicating and if I actually thought about it, I know that when I tell her to stop, I am lying out my ass. "Bella, sweetie. Would you mind if I came back after taking the car home?" Her eyes are hopeful but I shake my head. I tell her no, that I would like to sleep alone tonight. That I don't love her, I love him but by the grin spreading into those gorgeous hazel colored eyes, I know that I give in and I sigh in defeat.

Alice comes closer, closing the gap and presses her lips to mine. My mind fogs over and I feel the burst of heat that I always feel whenever she convinces me to send Edward away for the night. I lean my head to the left when she breaks from my lips to press hers to my neck. I feel her hover over my ear and her voice makes me melt into the seat.

"Oooh, fire."


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