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5 Songs.

Nothin' On You by B.o.B/Bruno Mars

Reno sat on the couch, the pretty blonde sitting next to him. He had to say that this was the life. He spent so much time chasing down anything that moved to put another notch in his bedpost. It was a time in his life when he almost lost the woman next to him. He pursued her throughout high school and well into college. He almost gave up when, one night, she kissed him and he almost made the drunken mistake of making this just another notch.

"Who are you thinking about, Ren?" she asked softly, sleepily.

He smiled, contemplating his answer carefully. He remembered Zidane, Blank, Tifa, Aerith.. He thought about how gorgeous Lulu was at one party and how he nearly tapped that, only to be struck by the beauty of the only other blonde to have ever captured his attention. He remembered, clearly, how he broke that one's heart. However unintentional, he lost everything that summer because he just wanted some tail. So instead, he turned to the girl at his side, placed a kiss on her cheek and smiled.

"No other girl's on my mind, Q baby. And you're the one to blame."

Sure, it may have been cheesy. Sure, he may have stole the line from a song but those words never rang truer.


Breakeven by The Script

Sephiroth wasn't normally an emotional man. In fact, most days he was a viciously cruel person who never had the time of day for anyone. That was before he met her, the bane of his existence. It was a chance meeting at a school he didn't want to attend. He walked into the cafeteria and caught her gaze. That was when he lost everything to her.

They dated, they had fun in the most outrageous places and he was actually happy. That is, until a silver haired boy flew into his life, onto his lap and into his bed quicker than he could figure out what was going on. And in a drunken attempt to forget he had slept with the one person that was forbidden, he cried out the boys name and watched his lover's heart break right there.

So of course he couldn't blame her when she started seeing the redheaded boy. He didn't even hate her when she seemed so much happier with that boy than she ever was with him. It didn't stop him from having the worst time sleeping at night or crying out in pain whenever a stray image would fly through his thoughts. No, none of that mattered.

It was when she broke that boys heart and decided that the best way to sleep was to chase down a boy from her past and love him. It was then, he realized, that she had really moved on and he was no longer on her mind. That was when he finally understood that he was breaking apart, barely living and she was so happy that she all but forgot that she still owned his heart.

He turned over in his bed, the red numbers on the clock staring him down until he blinked and they went forward another minute. "Rikku..." he whispered softly, a single tear threatening to break his resolve. "Come home."


Cookie Jar by Gym Class Heroes

Reno slipped into the house after a night out. He knew Quistis would be sleeping on the couch, waiting for his return. Ever since she found out that he had slept with Rikku once, a few months back, she never fully trusted him when he said it wouldn't happen again. With good reason, he supposed, since he was just returning from this hot girl's house. He couldn't even be bothered to remember what her name was.

Key in the lock, knob turned and he realized he was only right about one thing. She would be on the couch but she was far from sleeping. He started to panic a bit, knowing for a fact that he needed to shower to get the unfamiliar scents off himself. She looked up, cheeks puffy and eyes red from tears. His heart almost broke. It might have broke if he were slightly less addicted to sex with lots of people. He just couldn't stop, he couldn't ever say no.

"Where the hell were you this time, Reno? Rikku's again? Or perhaps this time it was Yuna's house. Or did you finally convince Aerith that I would never find out?"

He stumbled over his words a bit, assuring her that he was simply out with the boys. No need to inform her that he'd bat for their team a few times as well when he was drunk enough. He simply couldn't keep his hands out of the proverbial cookie jar.

"No, baby. I was a-"

"Don't you fucking 'baby' me, Reno. Your shit is packed on the bed. Go sleep at one of your whore's houses tonight. I'm done with this, with you."

To say that he was feeling guilty was a bit of an understatement. Instead of begging, telling her that he stopped doing that and he hasn't slept with anyone since Rikku, he just went and got the suitcase and left. That night, he was a free man and whether it felt good or not, he was going to go to Rude's house and use the man's body to stop the feeling of regret that was trying to bubble to the surface.


Sex on Fire by Kings Of Leon

Reno usually didn't like driving to some secluded place outside to have sex with someone he picked up at a bar. Unfortunately for him, tonight was all full of surprises. Rikku, a girl he went to school with, decided that it would be an awesome idea to scare off some bimbo, grab his arm and drag him outside. She stated that they needed to go for a ride. He was never one to turn down a good L ride, so he hoped on that idea immediately.

What he didn't expect, however, was the fact that he was already horny and the pot she got for them only made it worse. Rikku was never one to ever give into his advances, so while they drove and smoked and laughed hysterically, he thought of everything possible that wasn't how fucking hot she was in the next seat.

When she moved closer, a faint blush on her cheeks, he got nervous. When she gave him a shottie at the stop sign, finishing it with the slowest kiss he's ever had, he got a little scared. When she raked her nails down his chest, over his pants and pulled down the zipper, all rational thought fled his mind.

That's how he got into the situation he was in. Rikku going to town on him while he drove, him gripping the steering wheel as if his life depended on it and a blunt loosely hanging from his mouth, begging to be finished. A guttural moan bellowed from his chest when she finally slipped him into her mouth fully and he nearly hit a parked car when he closed his eyes and bucked his hips upwards.

It was going to be a long drive to the nearest park and he promised himself he wouldn't cum before he parked.


It's My Life/Confession mash up by The Boys of Glee

Reno had it all -- Quistis in his bed every night, Rikku on his lap every afternoon, an enamored Rude that supplied the materials to get high every morning -- when he received the worst phone call ever.

"Reno, you fucking prick. You got me pregnant."

His world crashed around him when he realized it wasn't the girl he promised forever to. For the first time, in a long time, he had the fleeting thought that perhaps he should have a talk with Quistis that night after he finished smoking his troubles away.


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