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She wasn't entirely sure how they got into this position -- Rachel's back was pressed against the door, her hands roaming Quinn's body, lips and tongues fighting for dominance -- but she wasn't sure she was really complaining. The day had started out simple enough. Quinn made her way through school with the barest hint of acknowledgement that she was no longer on top and Rachel made eyes at Finn and talked to everyone she ran into about the proper way to participate in Glee. She wasn't even on Quinn's radar being that she successfully ignored the brunette anytime she opened her mouth.

Classes flew by, lunch came and went too quickly for Quinn's taste and soon enough, she was sitting in the Glee club room listening to Rachel babble about the advantages of some musical warm-ups that made no sense to the blonde. Puck was at her side, talking about video games, Finn was busy shooting daggers in their direction and off to the side, she was pretty sure she heard Brittany ask why Rachel needed a cliff in the room and how it made a note. A normal day, through and through but then it came time to leave and she has this overwhelming urge to cry. Muttering something at Puck that sounded like, "Leave me the hell alone. I'll be home later," she dashed off toward the bathrooms.

Now, she should have known that Rachel would've noticed her sudden departure. That Man Hands would have followed her because, unlike most of the student body, the diva would not relent in an attempt at making friends. She supposed that it would be better than nothing, that at least she'd have someone to talk to but old habits die hard and she just couldn't shake the feeling that the brunette got to her more than she would like.

"Quinn. I know that we have not been on the best of terms and I'm sure that my attempts at Finn have probably upset you a great deal but I would like to offer my friendship to you once more as I feel it would be beneficial to both parties in that you would gain someone to talk to that isn't Noah and I would gain insight into why you hate me so much when I've been nothing but nice to you."

Quinn looked up to find that not only was Rachel Berry just standing there, blocking her way into the bathroom but she managed to get there first and how did Rachel even know where she was going? Sighing, Quinn pushed past her, not willing to deal with the fact that she ached for the companionship that Rachel was offering. The blonde heard a huff and the click of shoes follow her into the bathroom while she made her way to the sink. Turning on the faucet, she splashed some cold water on her face and ignored the brunette like only she could do.

"I understand that I may not be the person you wish to come to for help but I would like to remind you that you have no one else and I would be more than willing to accept the role of being your friend," Rachel pressed on, closing the distance between them. "I feel that we can work pa-"

"Look RuPaul, I don't need your charity," the blonde all but shouted at Rachel, turning and walking towards her. Rachel took a step back with every step Quinn took toward her until her back was flesh with the door. "I am perfectly fine right where I am. I have friends, I have Noah. I don't need Finn and I sure as hell don't need you. Everyone is tiptoeing around me, thinking that I will break any moment but I am still Quinn Fabray and I refuse to let a drunken mistake tear me down completely. Now I am going to suggest that you leave, Man Hands before I completely lose control of my temper as I would like to keep my criminal record clean."

Her voice was eerily calm, despite the tears threatening to spill over. Not for the first time, Quinn curses Puck's name and wishes he was unable to produce baby making materials. She also contemplates making that a possibility and feels a bit of happiness at the thought of removing that appendage from him when Rachel's voice rips through her mini-fantasy once more.

"I get that you think that I am trying to make you a charity case to further my already impressive collection of activities and charities for bettering a chance at becoming a huge Broadway star but I assure you that is not my intention. I simply ask that you allow me inside the walls you have built aro-"

Quinn finally remembers how they got to this point. She remembers staring at Rachel with a look of disbelief at her complete lack of understanding that Quinn just wanted to be alone. She remembers wishing Rachel would shut up and how her hand ached to do such a thing. She remembers thinking she should cut her off and so she did. With her lips, not with her words. She remembers that she was shocked at herself for silencing her that way and was about to pull back when Rachel tangled her hands in the hair she worked so hard on this morning and immediately tries to deepen the kiss. Not that she was complaining.

Quinn felt Rachel's hands move from her hair, down her shoulders and stop on her hips. All rational thought left her mind as she put a hand on either side of the girl's face. She let out a small groan of approval when she felt soft fingers inch their way under her shirt that only encouraged Rachel to move her hands further up. When they brushed the side of chest, she all but moaned into the girl's mouth. She couldn't have felt more blissful.

That was, until Rachel pulled away, flushed and panting. Quinn took a step back, her own face red and for once, she watched as Rachel struggled to find words. "I.. Uh, Quinn. I mean. That was.. I have to go. Daddy will be worried if I don't get home soon." And with that, she left Quinn standing there wondering why the hell she just kissed the school's biggest loser and why she just wanted to chase her down and do it some more.

"I blame you for this," she muttered softly, rubbing a hand over her stomach, "I'm so going to take this out on your father."

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I am really glad I ventured onto your (other) journal today because this was great. (: You should really post a link at rachel_quinn, because I can't believe I missed this.

P.S - it demands a sequel.

:D Well thank you ma'am. I was worried because.. well, its the first time for this pairing/fandom for me and thus I was shy. However, when I return home, I shall do that. :D

And thank you for your comment. (: It made my night. Fersrs.

Love to see this from Rachel's POV.

(: Perhaps that'll be my next stab at writing these two.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you :D I believe I may follow this up by starting the bathroom scene in Rachel's POV and moving from there.

LOVE!!! especially the last line

The last line made me snort with laughter when I wrote it. It's my favorite part about this. ;D Thanks for the love :D

This was so great. I love when arguing moments end up into make out sessions. I do think this demands a sequel as well! Thank you for sharing this. :)

This sequel shall happen. I cannot leave people in want. :D I wish all arguing moments would end in hot make out sessions. Thanks :D

This was a really good start at writing these two!

I hope you do it more, maybe a sequel to this?

More is definitely planned. As well as a sequel. :D And thank you. I was so nervous, I was afraid I would go too OOC for them.

Very awsome. Loved it.
Absolutely adored the last line hahaha poor Puck.

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