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Love/Hate, pt. 2

She wasn't entirely sure how they got into this position -- Rachel's back slammed against a locker, Quinn's teeth attached to her neck, Rachel growling in appreciation -- but she was sure she wasn't complaining.

The day had started like normal for Rachel. Well, as normal as one can feel after being attacked by a soft set of lips in the bathroom the day before.

Last night, she did her daily Myspace video before her nightly regimen. Sleep did not come easily, but eventually she was waking to her alarm and pulling herself out of bed.

She went about her morning activities--even though she was distracted. Work out, think about Quinn. Voice exercises, sing songs that remind her of Quinn. Shower, practice what she was going to say to Quinn later while washing her hair. Dress, undress, redress, wonder what Quinn is going to wear. Eat, plan course of action to talk to Quinn. School.

Rachel finally decides that she is going to talk to Quinn after school because that was what normal people do when they suddenly make out in the school's bathroom. That was her reasoning anyway. Really, she just wanted to see if a repeat performance could happen. Classes went slower than a snail riding on a sloth and when she felt like hours had passed, the bell to end first period had signaled. The diva figures she should probably stop thinking about it so much. She took a deep breath, put on a bright smile and made her way through the halls.

Rachel happily, though slowly (since time was not on her side today), made her way through the rest of the day. She hadn't been trying to avoid Quinn but it worked out that way due to the fact that Quinn was avoiding her instead. Rachel knew there was one place that Quinn could not avoid her, and that was Glee. Of course, she got there way too early so she decided to do what came naturally, practice warming up. After all, you cannot keep your voice in perfect condition if you do not take every opportunity you get to practice, fix issues (though Rachel has no issues) and try again (even though she is perfect). She felt she would never make it to Broadway if she did not practice every chance she got and she simply could not allow that to happen.

The rest of the club filed into the room, and slowly, things came to order. Mr. Schue decided that they would practice a new number for their upcoming competitions. Everyone turned towards Rachel, expecting her to say something witty but she simply smiled and agreed that it would indeed be best. Rachel continued to be in agreement with everything and everyone (instead of giving pointers on how to better project her fellow glee mates' voices), all the while discreetly stealing glances of the blond and ignoring the concerned looks from their teacher. The group was dismissed after much chatter and singing. Rachel quickly gathered her things and raced toward Quinn with determination etched into her features.

"Quinn, I think that after recent events, we have a lot to discuss and I was wondering if perhaps you would like to join me near my locker to come up with a plan of action to solve this problem that has arisen."

Quinn looked a bit nervous but Rachel simply put that off as hormones and a late bout of morning sickness (because the Quinn she knows is never nervous). She smiled her megawatt smile when Quinn just nodded in agreement before taking off toward her locker.

There, she waited and counted. 516 seconds later, Quinn finally turned the corner and slowly made her way towards the brunette. Rachel was trying to breathe properly and wondering how she was going to address this. It was simple enough, she figured. She did spend her morning practicing after all, but when Quinn approached, she lost her speech functions.

"Listen, yesterday was a fluke. It won't happen again so you don't have to worry about your chances with Finn," Quinn said calmly and coldly before turning to leave.

"Wait! You can't just make out with me and then turn around and leave like that. There needs to be a discussion about feelings. About whether there will be a second time. About what started this in the first place. I, for one, do not just kiss a person to shut them up. That seems rude and highly unfair to the individual. Did you even think about how that kiss, or your previous statement, would affect me? Or us as a whole?" Rachel exclaimed.

"Berry, you need to slow down and back off. Nothing happened, nothing will happen again."

Rachel felt her heart drop at the notion of it not happening again, but she pressed onward with more passion. She would get to the bottom of this, and she would prevail in her want. After all, she was a diva and divas got what they sought after.

"Well, I think that something did happen, Quinn, and regardless of your denial it will not go away. You don't just kiss a person to shut them up! That is not how these things work. There needs to be something beneficial in kissing a person. Fulfilling a fantasy, informing a crush that you like them, passion or lust. And while we're on the topic of things that need to be discussed, I would like to extend my friendship to you again. I would state the benefits of this merger of people again but it seems that you dislike hearing the reasonings, thus I will refrain, but I would very much like to be your friend."

"God, Berry! Do you even breathe when you speak?"

Rachel flushed, embarrassed slightly by her interest in getting Quinn to understand. She was about to speak again when the former Cheerio grabbed the smaller girl's shirt and slammed her against the locker. Quinn was opening her mouth to protest whatever Rachel didn't get to say when it happened; and Rachel finally understands how she got here.

Quinn didn't even get to speak before the diva placed her hands on either side of the girl's face and roughly brought their lips together. They fought for dominance once more, but when Quinn's fingers brushed against her bare stomach (which she isn't sure is really happening). Rachel gasped and allowed the other girl to win the fight. They stayed like this for a few more minutes before breathing became a problem and their lips pulled apart. Instead of running, Quinn simply trailed her lips along the jaw and down to the neck of the whimpering girl she has pinned.

"I.. I believe that we should take this e-elsewhere," she muttered softly before letting out a low growl as Quinn bit down on a spot she didn't even know existed on her neck. "We must discuss the p-pros and co-"

"If you finish that sentence, I will show you exactly how much con is in this."

Rachel didn't speak after that.

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uuuhhhh so pt 3 should be interesting! :-)

;D Maaaaaybe. Thanks for reading :D

Oh man, I do love me some anger sex! And this definitely has plenty of anger running through it. I hope Quinn comes to her senses ...

Anger sex is quite a good kind of sex. ;D

I hope she does too. >.>;

(Deleted comment)
I'm thinking about a part three. Seems to be in want.

They are most adorable together. :D

Part 3 please? What's going to happen?

Maybe, maybe. I'm not the best at sex scenes. And I'm not sure I like having my girlfriend giggle at me while editing because 'Hehehe you wrote a lemon. Neeerd~!'

Okay, okay. So I really am thinking about it. When readers ask, I usually give in.

Anger!sex against the locker?

OOhhh! That would be awesome!

Again, awsomeness.
That last line cracked me up, just made of win.

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