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Love/Hate, pt. 3

Before Quinn had time to rethink telling Berry to shut up, things were progressing much further than she anticipated. There was this need flowing through her body that demanded satisfaction; who was she to deny it when Rachel eagerly wanted to fulfill it? The younger girl was panting and slightly flushed, making it harder on Quinn to remember exactly where they were. When Rachel moaned a little louder as the blond trailed her fingers along the girl's bra, Quinn finally realized what was happening.

Here she was in the middle of the school's hallway, turned on and practically attacking Rachel like a teenage boy in heat. To say she was a little angry at herself and Rachel for getting carried away was the understatement of the year. She was going to tear herself from Rachel's body but then the small diva made this noise in the back of her throat that was almost guttural in nature and she lost herself in a haze of red and lust.

"Q-Quinn, please..." Rachel whimpered when the ex-Cheerio's hand moved from her breast to her lower back. "Do not tease me. I-I'm not sure I can handle that. Or this. This is a bi-"

"Shut up, Man Hands. You will listen to me and do as I say, perfectly. The better you listen, the better it'll feel," Quinn growled out. She moved back long enough to flip the girl around. "You will not say another word unless it's to moan my name while I fuck you. Got it?"

The brunette just nodded. Quinn felt the girl shudder beneath her when she bite down on the girl's neck, grinning in satisfaction when she pulled back and saw the area swelling already. She slid her fingertips down Rachel's arms before gripping her wrist and placing them on the locker, above her head.

"You will not move your hands. You will not buck your hips and you most certainly will NOT beg me for anything."

Quinn heard the girl moaned out, "Oh god.." and she got angrier. Did Berry not know how to listen to instructions? She should've known the answer to that. Wrapping a hand in brown locks, she yanked back the girl's head and hissed a warning into her ear. Letting go, she went back to work. She wrapped her arms around the girl, bunching up the diva's shirt and bra before roughly twisting and pinching her nipples. Reason and logic completely escaped Quinn when she heard her name fall from Rachel's lips. The world was melting away and there was nothing left but the two of them and the lust they were succumbing to.

"God, you're such a dirty fucking whore, Berry," she taunted, roughly groping at the girl's tits, "I bet you are dripping. Are you wet, Man Hands? Do you want me to touch you?"

The girl nodded, whimpering softly. She could feel Rachel trembling, trying not to thrust into the touches she was receiving. It pleased Quinn in a sort of sick, sadistic way. It sent tremors deep into her core, begging to feel the younger girl's touch. She grabbed the brunette's earlobe between her teeth and tugged softly, her left hand trailing down Rachel's stomach. Rachel blushed when she felt Quinn lift the hem of her skirt up and jumped slightly when cool fingers brushed across the hot flesh of her thighs.

"Mistake, Berry."

She moved her mouth from the girl's ear to her neck and bit down, hard. Quinn heard Rachel cry out, a mix of pain and pleasure, but she didn't think about it. "Are you going to behave?" she asked, low and demanding. The younger girl nodded, trembling harder as she tried to keep her resolve. Satisfied with this response, she moved both hands under Rachel's skirt and yanked her panties down. Immediately, her senses were assualted by a musky scent and it took everything she had to not drop to her knees and pray to the goddess she had pinned.

Quinn took her time memorizing just how those legs felt under her fingertips. She moaned loudly when her finger brushed across the top of Rachel's pussy. Neat and trimmed, it was begging the blond to give in, but she wasn't ready for that. Instead, she placed both her hands on the shorter girl's hips and moved her back from the locker. "Bend over and keep your hands on the locker."

Rachel inhaled sharply but did as she was told, placing her hands on the locker and bending at the waist. Quinn took in the sight slowly, eyes trailing along miles of leg until she reached the apex of her journey -- a glistening pussy that seemed to throb in synch with the girl's heartbeat. It took a moment for Quinn to gain control of herself again before she stepped forward. Taking two fingers, she slid them through wet folds, causing Rachel's knees to nearly buckle. Slipping them inside the girls soaking, hot center, the two girls moaned in unison at the feel.

True to her word, Rachel only moaned Quinn's name. Softly and repeatedly, it fell from her lips as Quinn started thrusting -- slowly at first before picking up the pace. It wasn't enough, however, and soon, the moans turned into screams. Unspoken words hung in the air and she knew that she'd have to give the diva more friction or someone outside was bound to hear her because the girl had a set of lungs on her. Quinn leaned forward, her hair spilled across Rachel's neck.

"Guess you aren't like RuPaul afterall, Berry. Touch yourself. Now."

Rachel wasted no time listening to Quinn. Her hand slipped off the locker and in between her legs before Quinn even finished her sentence. The entire thing was almost too much to handle and before long, Rachel was trembling with the signs of an oncoming orgasm. Unfortunately for the diva, Quinn had other plans. She slipped her fingers out of the girl before grabbing the girl's wrist and yanking it away. She heard Rachel let out a sob of despair and almost felt bad for her. Almost.

"You do not get off before I do, Treasure Trail," she growled out. She moved and leaned against the locker, sliding her own underwear down around her ankles. "Knees. Now."

Rachel dropped to the floor instantly, flushed and trembling but eager to please. "You're going to watch me. You aren't going to touch until I say so. Do you understand?" The girl nodded and Quinn let her eyes fall shut. She moved her fingers across her clit, rubbing softly. It was slow and torturous, but she didn't move any faster. Her breath hitched when she found that spot she loved and she started rubbing a little harder. "Panties, off," she breathed out, lifting her left leg slightly. The brunette nearly tore them off, eyes never leaving the sight before her. "Suck it, Berry. Lick me clean and mak-"

Her sentence was left unfinished as Rachel immediately dove in. Quinn's hand was replaced with Rachel's tongue and the blond was struggling to stand upright. The former cheerleader silently berated herself at her lack of strength but the girl on her knees is enthusiastic to say the least. Rachel's tongue is deftly moving about her heat, flicking over her clit and shoving itself as far as it can into her and within seconds, her hands are tangled in brown locks. She is moaning loudly, the diva's name becoming a mantra and it's seconds, not minutes, later that her body tenses and she's screaming. Rachel doesn't stop though and Quinn is vaguely aware of the need to sit before she falls so she roughly yanks the girl's head back.

"E-Enough. Fuck, Berry."

Quinn slides down the locker until she's on the floor. Rachel is staring at her, face covered in the blond's juices and her eyes are begging for something. Quinn looks away, taking time to recollect herself because the brunette just rocked her to her core and she can't look at Rachel without wanting to cry.

"I, uh.. Can.. Am I allowed to, uh.. talk now?" Rachel whispers, eyes fixed on the blond.

"No, you fucking can't. I didn't say you could, did I?"

Quinn moved her gaze back to Rachel and instantly wished she hadn't. There are tears there, streaming down her face and her shoulders are shaking with the sobs she was trying to hold back. The blond can't look at her anymore, so she stands. She pulls her underwear on, smooths out her dress and glances down at Rachel before turning and leaving. It was never her intention to let it get that far and as she turns the corner, she can hear the girl's heart break and a little piece inside of her dies.

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(Deleted comment)
It would be, wouldn't it? ;D Maybe after my other project I will return to this and make it longer and a bit less angsty. I make no promises!

(: But UNF? Why thank you. :D

Oh, Quinn. Do you really hate yourself that much? :(

I hope you realise that this is well and truly ripe for a sequel ;) But then, I almost always leave my stuff open for sequels, so I can't talk if you want to leave it here! (Which is also a very nice place to end it, if a little frustrating!)

I feel that she kinda does. In a way. Upbringing and all.

And yes, yes. Sequel. I was thinking about it on my way home last night. So it's possible. future!fic. But my girl said the same that. That leaving it there, while frustrating, would be perfect. ;D You guys can totally blame her for it.

Thanks for reading and commenting. :D

thing. not that. I shouldn't try responding to comments right after I wake up.

I read the first two parts to this story kind of expecting it would end well, but I can't bring myself to read a sad ending. I like your writing, though. So, I hope you write more (with happy endings).

I'll write more. I promise. And it won't be nearly as depressing. <3

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