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Hard To Say Goodbye

She heard a giggle to her left as she approached the park. She glanced around and found the reason for which she was here-- blond hair, a featureless face and a beautiful sundress. The girl was sitting on a swing, delicately swaying back and forth. Even though she couldn’t see the girls face, she knew it held a breathtaking smile that would burn its image into her heart for years to come. She made her way over, sitting on the swing next to the girl.

“I thought you wouldn’t make it,” the girl confided.

“I was simply weighing the pros and cons of attending this meeting before deciding that it didn’t matter because I wanted to see you.”

“Well, it’s all set up, so we should go there now,” the blond announced before getting up and walking toward a patch of grass that seemed to materialize out of nowhere.

How she didn’t notice the grass was beyond her but she got up and followed the girl anyway. As she approached, the sky became a little cloudy but nothing felt ominous about it. When they finally reached their destination, she realized there was a picnic set up. Smiling, she sat down, looking over the food set out for them. A few berries, a couple of sandwiches and a few bottles of water were scattered about. It touched her that someone went through the trouble to make her feel so special.

“I’m sorry it isn’t overly extravagant but this was all I had in the house,” the girl apologized.

“Please, don’t be. It’s beautiful,” she sighed. And to her, it truly was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

They nibbled on some strawberries and laughed at nothing for what seemed only a few seconds before the scene morphed and it was raining. The two girls were running wildly through a park, laughing and trying to find a tree that provided good cover. She chased the blond, feeling freer than she ever had. When the reached the base of a rather large tree, she leaned against it, out of breath and filled with joy.

“I thought it wasn’t supposed to rain today?” she questioned.

“I thought so too,” the girl replied.

They sat down, their backs against the tree and watched the rain pour around them. It was peaceful, listening to the sound of raindrops hitting the world that surrounded them. It felt surreal, like this was a world created simply for her and filled with nothing but the overwhelming sensation of happiness that she has never known. She bumped shoulders with the blond before turning her head to tell her that they should have ran toward a car instead but the words never came forth.

Instead, her eyes met those of the blonde’s-- sharp, brilliant hazel eyes that held every emotion under the sun. And then it happened, in slow motion and with such a passion she was sure it was all a dream. Their lips met in the most gentle of kisses. A simple passion igniting a fire that she thought she had buried a long time ago, lighting her world up in a show of colors and sounds. The scenery melted into a show of lights and colors, flashing to the sound of the girl’s heartbeat. Their lips moved together for the briefest of moments, a few seconds at most before the blond pulled back, breathless but happy.

Rachel woke to the sound of her alarm blaring in her ears. It was time to get up and get started on her morning routine. She didn’t climb out of bed though, opting to slam her hand down on her alarm and kill the offending noise. That was the third time in a row she had that dream, the seventh in the past two weeks. It obviously meant that she was going to fall in love with a girl but she couldn’t understand why she didn’t know who it was. The only blond she truly knew was Brittany but the girl didn’t have that flame to her eyes.

Sighing, she rolled out of bed and walked into the bathroom. She opted out of her routine and decided a shower and some breakfast was more than adequate for how unfair her alarm was. She had to admit though—that was the first time the dream ever made it to that stage of it. Her lips still tingled with the idea that someone could make her feel so loved with just a kiss.

She was at school in her seat before she knew it, pulling out her utensils for the day and laying them neatly about her desk. A notebook in front of her, opened to a blank page and a pencil in hand, she waited eagerly for instruction. When the teacher spoke, however, Rachel had a feeling her life was about to change. For better or worse, she couldn’t figure it out but the feeling settled in the pit of her stomach and she waited, holding her breathe.

“Today, class, we have a new student joining us. I would appreciate it if we all welcomed her,” the teacher said briefly before everything Rachel ever knew changed. The girl walked in. She was a little taller than Rachel, with piercing hazel eyes and the most gorgeous blond hair she had ever seen.

Her chest tightened. The world slowed down and Rachel felt that if she were just to breath, the moment would disappear and slip between her fingers like grains of sand. She could not allow that to happen. After all, she was Rachel Berry and she had plans, she had dreams and she knew exactly who she was and what she wanted. Granted she was only 13 and had a lifetime ahead of her, she was never more sure of anything in her life—aside from knowing that she would take Broadway by storm by the time she was 19. But this? She was entirely sure that this being that walked through the classroom door was perfection and she was pretty sure that she dreamed about this girl millions of times before this moment happened. Rachel knew immediately that this was it for her.

“Hi. My name is Quinn Fabray and I just moved here with my mother and father.”

When the girl spoke, everything clicked. It all fell into place. This girl had the voice of an angel and she refused to not have that voice in her life. Rachel began to make a detailed outline of exactly how she was going to approach the girl after school: what she was going to say and how she would say it. Perhaps the blond would not be put off by her long, drawn out statements and her eclectic taste in fashion. Perhaps she had a chance at her first real friendship. She almost cried with sheer joy at the idea that she might finally have a chance at being happy.

The teacher directed the object of Rachel’s affection to an empty seat two rows over from her but one desk in front of her. It’d be easy to get away with staring or occasionally glancing over -- which is exactly what she did the rest of the school day. She watched the girl twirl a piece of hair between her fingers, bite her lip in concentration. Rachel was almost positive that at the age of 13, she wasn’t supposed to be so enamored with someone she had just met but she was never one for testing out the waters. She always dove in head first and surfaced wherever she happened to run out of breath.

She daydreamed of picnics in parks, laughing and running through a rainstorm, breathlessly falling into each other and sharing kisses under the protection of a tree. Her idea of perfection and her idea of the life ahead of her were melding into one. As the teacher droned on, she found it more and more difficult to concentrate. Images of a happy and shared future flashed through her mind at a rapid pace, threatening to overload her heart with feelings for a romantic girl she wasn’t even sure would accept her friendship, yet. Rachel had always felt she had a sixth sense for fleshing out how certain things would turn out before they happened thus giving her more confidence in approaching the radiant being.

She almost missed what the homework assignments were, but thankfully Rachel learned how to multitask by the age of 6. The final bell rang and she quickly gathered her things before making her way over to Quinn. Stopping next to her desk, she waited for the blond to acknowledge her presence. The blond did, eventually, with a jump and a squeak of surprise. Rachel just beamed at her and thought about how cute that reaction was.

“Hello. My name is Rachel Berry and seeing as how you are new here, you are probably in need of a friend or two so I am here to extend an offer of friendship to you that I’m hoping you will not turn down. I feel it is important that we make as many friends as possible at a young age so that we may develop our social skills quicker and with much more efficiency.”

She noticed that Quinn looked a little startled at the length of her statement and she was going to apologize but their eyes connected and she faltered. Stuttering over her words, she finished, “I-I’m sorry. I tend to sound overbearing when nervous.”

“Do you always talk like that?”

Her smile faded even more at the slight hint of annoyance in the girl’s voice, but she pressed forward. “I tend to ramble a bit, yes. Most people find it… well, that doesn’t matter.” And the smile was back in place. “Would you like to be friends?”

Simple. It was so simple, the phrase. She should have opened with that, she thought. She should have just asked Quinn if she would like to be friends because the smile that formed on the girl’s features was breathtaking. Their eyes locked on each other and again, Rachel found it beside herself to form words.

“I think I’d like that. You seem like you could be an okay person.”

“Okay person? I’ll have you know that I can be quite an amazing person if the chance arises,” she huffed. “Perhaps you would like to exchange numbers so that we may call upon each other at a later date to partake in teenage activities?”

Quinn laughed, shaking her head and Rachel’s heart soared. “’Partake in teenage activities?’ We are so working on that crazy vocabulary you have going.” But the girl grabbed Rachel’s hand and scribbled her number on the back of it before smiling and offering up hers for the same treatment.

Not too long after, Rachel was standing in an empty classroom, staring at her hand with a goofy smile plastered on her features. With a bounce in her step, she exited the classroom, walked down the hallway and out the front doors to go greet her daddy. She walked with purpose towards the car, climbing into the back and beaming at the man in the front seat.

“You seem rather happy today. Something good happen?”

“There was a new girl today Daddy and just like you always said, one day someone would understand that I am not crazy for speaking in such a manner but rather find it just part of my personality. However, that is not of importance right now. What is of vital important is that we make preparations as I would like to have a friend over this weekend and we simply can not be unprepared for such an event.”

Her daddy chuckled softly but nodded in agreement and set forth towards the Berry household. The whole while, Rachel sat in the back with a smile on her face that felt as if it would never go away, with a single phrase floating through her mind: I think I just found my best friend.

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(: I try. Thank you for reading.

I love the premise, and I never expected Rachel was thirteen with such a vocabulary, but then I thought about it, and it makes sense.

Your writing is polished and easy to read. I will point out, however, that in formal writing (I don't know if this would be considered such), numbers are written out and the word 'however' is not placed in the front of the sentence, but rather, between the noun and verb.

:D I appreciate your comment. It gave me all sorts of warm fuzzies inside. I will try to keep in mind your suggestions.

It was hard to imagine Rachel at any age over 11 without a rather strange vocab so I went with it. Thank you for reading :D

Awww! This was great!

I can't wait for more. I'm prepared for angst in the future, but I hope it all turns out well in the end.

Update soon!

:D I promise this has a happy ending! I hope to get the next part fleshed out by tonight and put up by this weekend at its latest.

Thank you for reading.

I love your writing. :D
And this was cute. Can't wait for more. *-*

I should be finishing up Ch. 2 as I write this. (I'm distracted, there were cartoons and flashing lights.) But hopefully, without further distractions, I think I could have it posted tomorrow. :D

Thank you for reading :D

That was super adorable. I love how completely baffled Quinn is by Rachel's wordiness.

If Rachel came up and talked to me how she talked to Quinn, I think I would have stared for a lot longer and with that 'turned head, confused dog' look too.

Thanks for reading :D

I think if Rachel came up to me I'd be too busy staring and drooling :)

XD I'm sure that'd be an issue as well. But first, the confused dog look, then the drooling. It'd take a minute because of the overwhelming vocab..

Yeah I'd probably do that in the reverse order, which would mean I would just end up more confused because I missed the beginning of what she was saying while I was busy staring at her.

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