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Hard To Say Goodbye 2

Quinn sat at the table in the library, hunched over her Math textbook, and groaned softly as the numbers began to become unreadable. Her head hit the pages with an audible thump, causing Rachel to nearly jump out of her seat. She didn’t really care that she scared the girl at that moment so she made a mental note to apologize later.

“Quinn. While I understand that math can be a frustrating and fruitless endeavor, I find that having ones head on the pages instead of studying the numbers will cause a person to do the opposite of succeeding which is what we are trying to avoid by studying at this very moment.”

Not even bothering to lift her head from the book, Quinn responded with something that sounded suspiciously like the words ‘buck’ and ‘fool’ but the other girl shrugged it off and continued on her path to the perfect grade. Quinn, on the other hand, closed her eyes and tried to relax a bit. She couldn’t study with the headache that was forming behind her eyes so she wasn’t about to try. What she didn’t expect was Rachel gently shaking her awake and informing her that she had to go since her Dad was there.

“How long was I asleep?”

“Not very long Quinn, but I must reiterate the importance of studying when you return home. You fell asleep when you could have been studying how to isolate x and how to solve for y. I was going to wake you when I noticed you were sleeping but I felt that a little rest might do you some good.”

Smiling at Rachel, Quinn thanked her and started to gather her things. “Thanks for staying with me until I got up.”

“It wasn’t an inconvenience at all, Quinn. I was going to wake you when I first noticed that you had fallen asleep but I couldn’t bring myself to rouse you from your afternoon nap, seeing as you looked incredibly peaceful compared to the look you had while studying for the math test,” the brunette replied.

“Oh? You could have woke me up earlier.”

“It’s quite alright. Quinn? Umm…What are you doing next Friday night, perchance?”

“Nothing, hopefully. There isn’t a test the following Monday, right?”

“Not that I’m aware of. Though, I would be fully prepared for it if I were you as the teacher has been pretty good about keeping on schedule and having all the tests on Mondays.”

“Well, whatever. Why did you want to know?”

“I was wondering if you’d… Well, no. If we have a test we must study. I shouldn’t keep Daddy waiting any longer so I’m going to go now. Bye Quinn. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Rachel took off toward the library doors, leaving behind a rather confused looking Quinn. A small sense of loss was felt as she stood there watching the retreating back of her friend. Quinn started to wonder if the girl had managed to lose a few brain cells while she slept but then decided that it was probably typical behavior and finished putting away her things. Not wanting to stay there much longer without the company Rachel provided, she walked out of the library and headed home. Home wasn’t far from the library and she didn’t want to bother her parents, so she walked--despite the offer from Rachel earlier to get picked up and dropped off.

When she got home, the house was empty. She trudged up the steps and to her room. Throwing her book-bag off to the side, she made her way over to her bed. She sat down and kicked off her shoes before lying down and snuggling into the pillows. She was still a bit tired and thought a nap couldn’t hurt; she could then finally get up and study without the words jumbling together and causing undue headaches. Last night’s One Tree Hill marathon was truly a bad idea. With that notion aside, sighing in comfort, she felt herself drifting off with the final thought being something about setting an alarm.

Quinn woke with a jolt of panic. Someone had knocked on her door and told her to get up or she’d be late for school, pulling her out of a rather odd dream about a girl in her class and her obsession with sharks. She looked at the clock on her nightstand. 7:47 AM glared back at her in its red glory and her stomach dropped. She didn’t intend to sleep the entire night and now the awareness that she was no where near prepared for her test hit her with a force that can only be rivaled by Rachel’s dream of Broadway. She scrambled out of bed and into her closet, changing clothes in a record breaking time.

She was down the stairs and in her father’s car by 7:53. Sleeping all day yesterday and today’s lateness encouraged disappointed looks from her father. She tried to be punctual but sometimes things just got in the way. When they arrived at school, she mumbled out a goodbye and hopped out of the car. She heard her name shouted so she turned her head to find the source. She saw Rachel waving enthusiastically in her direction but before she had a chance to go over to her, she was intercepted by her other two friends.

“Hey girl. We were wondering if you and Berry would be up for a movie this weekend,” Mercedes asked, shifting her book-bag from one shoulder to the other.

“Maybe we could even get pizza before the movie starts,” Tina added, a bit softer than usual.

Quinn contemplated it for a brief moment; whether her parents would say yes or no. Her chances weren’t good seeing as she slept all day Sunday which caused her to be late and possibly fail her test today. She then decided she didn’t really care. They would more than likely say yes just to get her out of the house so she nodded and smiled. “What movie are we going to see?”

“Some romance movie that just came out. There is some eye candy in it that I cannot pass up,” Mercedes replied.

“That’s alright with me. I’m going to go catch Rachel and invite her along. I’ll see you guys at lunch?”

She heard confirmations as she walked off toward Rachel, smiling despite her fear of failing the math test. Rachel stood there in her argyle sweater, beaming as the blond approached her. Before Quinn could even get a ‘Hello’ in, the brunette started into her morning tirade about whatever happened to come across her mind.

“Are you prepared for the test today, Quinn? I know that you fell asleep at the library and you weren’t looking particularly awake when I had left you standing there but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t go home and study by yourself for a little bit. Achieving good grades is an essential part of getting into the appropriate college and acquiring ones dreams of success and happiness.”

“I fell asleep last night. I didn’t get to study. I’m going to fail,” Quinn sighed, leaning against Rachel. “I didn’t mean to but I was tired.”

“Well, I’m sure you’ll do just fine Quinn. You are an intelligent girl who will pass this test with flying colors. I, on the other hand, studied the entire night and I’m not so sure now that it was the most ideal situation. I should have slept instead, opting to study for just a few hours but my nerves were going crazy as Math is not my strong suit and I felt that extra studying was in order.”

“You should have just said you pulled an all-nighter and now you’re afraid of failing because you’re tired. I think I would have gotten that better.”

“As I’m sure you would have, it would not have been nearly as articulate as I prefer to be and therefore, I would have had to reiterate the entire thing in a much longer version than that of which I have already stated.”


“…I didn’t want to repeat myself after realizing that I said something without using proper English.”

“Oh. Whatever. Want to go to the movies on Saturday? Or was it Sunday? Could’ve been Friday. I guess I should have asked,” Quinn looked thoughtful for a moment before turning back to Rachel. “Is there a pizza place in the area that serves vegan pizza?”

As Rachel was about to respond, the bell rang indicating that they should make their way to first block. The brunette gave a rushed hug goodbye and took off to her first class, leaving Quinn in her wake. With a small laugh and a shake of her head, Quinn walked toward her own classroom to start her day.

Lunch came quicker than expected, the test occupying her mind until it was over only to be replaced with the worry that she failed. When she sat down next to Rachel, the girl smiled brightly at her and inquired as to how she faired.

“I’m sure I didn’t fail but I didn’t do nearly as well as I could have. Did you give any thought to the movies?”

“I will have to inquire with my fathers as to whether or not it would be alright for me to attend this outing with you girls but I don’t see it being much of a problem as they simply adore you, Quinn, and are excited that I have a friend to go hang out with. I shall let you know tomorrow of the final decision, however, as I need to get verification first before making such plans.”

Lunch ended abruptly, mostly filled with Rachel’s long winded responses and her nodding at the appropriate times. The rest of the school day, as well as her night, went by without much excitement. Dinner was dull, even as she asked about the movies. Quinn’s father raised an eyebrow at the mention of Rachel but she quickly quelled his rant with mentions of Mercedes and Tina inviting her along, not herself. A rather gruff acceptance was passed her way and she finished her meal without as much as a ‘Please pass the salt’ from her lips. Her mother gave a disapproving look as she excused herself from the table but she didn’t pay much attention to it; it hurt less that way.

The next morning, Rachel wasn’t outside waiting for her like normal. It left a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach that she buried deep with the denial that it was anything but worry. After all, the brunette was the one who said being punctual was the key to success in any business endeavor. She saw the familiar brown locks in second period, though, and decided that perhaps Rachel was busy that morning. When the bell rang, she caught up with her as they made their way to the lunchroom.

“You weren’t outside this morning,” Quinn said.

“After asking my fathers this morning about whether or not I could attend the movies with you, I was so excited about their confirmation that I had left my lunch sitting on the seat. I was halfway to my normal spot when I realized my grave mistake and rushed back to see if I could catch Daddy before he left but I failed in my mission to secure my nutritious meal for the day and almost missed the bell for the first class.”

Quinn was a bit disheartened by the thought that she had caused the girl to forget her lunch and held out half her peanut butter and jelly sandwich to the girl. “I know it’s not exactly what you would consider healthy but it’s better than nothing, right?” With a hopeful smile, she kept it extended toward Rachel.

Rachel took it from Quinn, reluctant but hungry and took a small bite before beaming with happiness and expressing her gratitude with much enthusiasm. “While normally I do not like this type of food for my own consumption, I am incredibly grateful for the chance to not be hungry for the rest of the school day. Not eating in the middle of the day has proved to be disastrous in the past and the meals the school provides are so unsatisfactory that I would much rather be hungry than attempt to put those vile substances in my mouth. Thank you for being such an amazing friend, Quinn.”

Her heart swelled with pride as Rachel continued to eat half of the sandwich she offered. Not willing to acknowledge that it wasn’t because she did a good deed, she pushed this down with the strange feeling from earlier, drenching it in self-loathing thoughts of sins and penance. The desire to pray for forgiveness was quickly thrust aside when the girl offered to pack extra tomorrow to make up for having eaten half her lunch today. Quinn’s heart soared. She was happier than she had been in a very long time.

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Ahh, well, I'm glad they're still friends. This was high school, right?

Looking forward to more.

This was 8th grade, I believe. Or rather, whatever age you believe 14 year olds would be in.

Thanks for reading :D

Eighth grade is reasonable. Now I get the picture even better. Thanks!

(Deleted comment)
Since I don't want t give too much away, lets just stay that it doesn't get QUITE as bad, but there will be some conflict in the HS years.

Also, thanks for reading :D I hit the post button without even realizing it. ._.

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